Weight Plates

When it comes to strength building, cheap weight plates are a staple. They can be used alone (which is known as a ‘workout intensifier’) or they can be used in conjunction with a barbell (as a part of a training exercise). The plates come in a variety of colours, weights and materials – we can help you to make the right choice for your home or commercial gym.

What weights are available?

Our standard and Olympic weight plates are available with varying heaviness, from 1.25kg through to 25kg. To achieve a particular weight, all you need to do is use a combination of different plates (loaded heaviest to lightest).

What materials are available?

We have a variety of materials to choose from, including cast steel, rubber edged and coated rubber weight plates. Many people prefer rubber coated or edges because it makes the plates more resistant to rusting and chipping.

What about training discs?

Yes, we can also supply you with Olympic training discs. They are coloured coded according to their weight, which allows you to tell them apart quickly (especially handy in a commercial gym), and they come in 5kg to 25kg sizes.