Upper Body Ergometer

The best way to describe these machines is similar to a recumbent exercise bike – except you’re using your hands to pedal instead of your feet, so the pedals are at about eye level instead of near the ground. If you’re after an upper body workout, an upper body ergometer is a great option because it engages pretty much every muscle in this region.

Does this equipment exacerbate carpal tunnel or tennis elbow?

The great thing about ergometers is that it helps you to retain a natural wrist position throughout the movement, which shouldn’t exacerbate conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow.

Is this equipment suitable for those in wheelchairs?

In most cases, yes. The designs are highly suited to those who are wheelchair-bound, as the pedals are at an appropriate height. This ensures that people of all abilities are able to workout and get healthy.

Does this equipment really provide a cardiovascular workout?

Yes! We rely, almost entirely, on our lower body when it comes to cardiovascular exercise. Looking at upper body ergometers for sale will allow you to perform a portion of your workout without added stress on your legs.