Do you want a full body workout each and every time you hit the gym but really lack the time needed to get one in? If so, commercial rowers in Melbourne could be the perfect solution! These machines are also popular amongst those suffering from muscle or joint soreness and injury, as they are completely load bearing (unlike some of the other cardiovascular equipment available).

Can rowing help to improve my posture?

Unfortunately, many of us have rounded shoulders and poor posture – exercise rowing machines are actually a great way to pull the shoulders and chest back, as well as help to prevent hunching over.

How do they provide a full body workout?

Fitness rowing machines require you to use your whole body. They target your legs, arms and core muscles, (this is the muscle building part) whilst also strengthening your heart and lungs (this is the cardio part).

Is the movement difficult?

Using a concept rower machine requires you to perform a motion known as the ‘catch’ – basically, you hold the handles, facing downwards, with your back aligned with the seat at all times.