Olympic Bars

You will actually find that a lot of weight lifting exercises require the use of an Olympic bar, which all have a 50mm shaft diameter. There are a variety of shapes available – including straight, curl and diamond trap – ensuring that the requirements of a particular exercise are met with ease. There are also varying lengths available for your convenience.

Why should I use these bars?

These bars are preferable to standard ones for a number of reasons – they’re much longer, thicker, heavier and far more durable. This durability makes them highly suited to commercial use, where they will receive lots of wear.

What do I use each type of bar for?

Our straight bars are available in 7 foot, 6 foot and 5 foot lengths. Curl bars help you to position your hands at a comfortable angle for isolation exercises. And diamond trap bars allow you to safely isolate the trap muscle.

Are weights also available?

Yes, we also supply a variety of Olympic bar weights so you can rest assured that they will slide onto the bars with ease. We have rubber coated and rubber edged varieties available, as well as training discs.