Cross Trainers

One of the main reasons that people are incorporating elliptical crosstrainers into their cardiovascular workouts is that they have a very low impact on the body. This makes them perfectly suited to those with joint problems and those recovering from injury (particularly if the problem lies with the knee or ankle), as you aren’t pounding on your joints like you are with other equipment.

Is this equipment just for cardio workouts?

No! Commercial crosstrainers in Melbourne can also be used to provide a full body workout, as they target your arms, shoulders, legs and core. This provides all sorts of muscle toning benefits that other equipment simply doesn’t offer.

What does the motion involve?

Basically, you are performing a single, smooth motion. Your feet slot into “skis”, you hold onto the grab bars (either the stationary ones in the middle or the articulating ones either side) and begin a running motion.

What about workout difficulty?

If you want to increase the difficulty of your workout, simply change the resistance. It’s also important to keep in mind that the upper body movement (your arms) brings your heart rate into the target zone faster.